Core Beliefs

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is authoritative, inerrant, powerful, consistent, and sufficient for teaching people the truth about God and His creation.

God himself is the source of all joy for all people. Therefore, the highest purpose and greatest privilege of every human being is to reflect and experience Him.

The greatest problem of every human being is sin. Sin is willful rejection of God and His ways that comes from a lifeless condition of the human spirit.

Through the grace of Jesus Christ, people can be rescued and cleansed in order to experience God in all His fullness. Salvation is found only through Jesus and His atoning work.

The good news of Jesus Christ is for all people, but its reception requires that people awaken from their lifeless spiritual condition, turn away from their sin, and place their faith in Him.

Those who have been rescued and cleansed by Jesus Christ glorify God by following after Him and proclaiming His good news to others.